Use the service desk solution built into TeamViewer

TeamViewer Premium and Corporate licenses include a full-featured service desk solution called servicecamp, which helps you provide efficient and personal customer support. Utilize TeamViewer’s remote desktop capabilities in conjunction with servicecamp to get the best of remote control, collaboration, and service desk features.

Why use servicecamp to handle service requests?

The smooth interplay between servicecamp and TeamViewer gives you access to the most comprehensive toolkit for support services. Everything you need to know, from support requests to communication with customers, is documented centrally inside the platform.

Initiate remote control connections instantly from within a ticket to access the device in question, or collaborate with coworkers on specific requests to solve problems faster as a team.

Set up servicecamp within a few minutes, and get started with an easy-to-use user interface that enables your team to focus on providing excellent services instead of time-consuming processes.

Set up your personal servicecamp now.

Need to keep IT systems and infrastructure running?

No matter if you provide IT support within your own organization or to external clients, servicecamp helps you manage a variety of IT requests by prioritizing and distributing the workload in your team.

Keep all relevant customer and issue information centralized in one place for easy access. Plus, you can resolve IT issues immediately by remotely connecting to a device straight from the ticket.

Streamline simple and repetitive tasks like hardware requests or password resets by creating ticket forms. Then, publish them in your customer portal. Get all the necessary information with the initial request and avoid cumbersome back and forth communication in order to get all relevant information. Resolve these tasks quickly and efficiently.

servicecamp remote control
servicecamp collision detection

Need a better alternative to your department’s shared inbox?

Whether you work in legal, HR, office management, marketing, or another field providing services to the rest of the organization, your team probably works with a shared email inbox. servicecamp supports your collaborative efforts by effectively organizing your shared space.

Obtain clear ownership of incoming tasks and clear visibility on their status. You can even make the status of a ticket visible to colleagues and customers in the customer portal.

Use servicecamp to become more productive as a team by recognizing which tasks or projects in your shared inbox are in progress, completed, or ready to start. All feedback on the task is documented and visible in a central place so that nothing gets lost.

Features that make collaborating on service cases easy and effective.

Simple, Aesthetic Interface

There is no complicated or long onboarding necessary with the simple, user-friendly interface. Log in and start working immediately.

Customer Portal

servicecamp enables you to customize your customer portal according to your corporate identity. Create your own customized ticket submission forms and publish them for customer use.

Custom Ticket Forms

Develop custom ticket creation forms, and describe each ticket field so your customers know exactly what information is required. Get all the information needed up front and eliminate confusing back-and-forth communication.

Prioritized Tickets

servicecamp automatically prioritizes your tickets by urgency level. The most important issues will always appear at the top of your list, so you know which tickets you need to address first.

Use Your Existing Support E-mail Address

With servicecamp, you don’t need to change your current support email addresses, so there is no need to communicate a new address to your customers.


servicecamp is a product of TeamViewer, a German company that works in accordance with European data security regulations. The software utilizes end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication to keep your data safe. Plus, with servicecamp, you never have to worry about spam again. We effectively filter spam from your inboxes to ensure that your team has a smooth workflow.

Sort and Quantify Recurring Issues

Sort incoming support tickets into topics. With this feature, you can quantify and measure frequently asked questions and recurring support issues. This will help you keep an eye on topics that are more urgent than others to ensure priority requests come first.

Private Notes

Use private notes for internal, cross-team collaboration, or set a reminder for yourself in the ticket history of a customer. Now you won’t miss a thing and will be able to resolve tickets faster.

Centralized Customer Information

Centralize relevant customer information in your inbox. When receiving or opening a certain ticket, all relevant information related to the sender is visible right inside the ticket. When selecting a specific contact, you get the whole ticket conversation at a glance.


Are you awaiting a response or unable to resolve a ticket right away? Get tickets out of the way and bring them up again when action is necessary or possible. Use the follow-up functionality to define when the ticket should reappear in your ticket list.


Set a date for when a ticket has to be closed automatically. If a customer doesn’t respond, or the ticket has to be closed by a certain time, you can define a date and the ticket will be removed from your list. You always only have open tickets in your inbox, and these are sorted by priority.


Reply to tickets while you continue to read and add relevant quotes from previous conversations to your reply. The typed answer will still be there when you switch back to the ticket after quoting a relevant ticket passage.

What are the unique benefits of using servicecamp in handling service requests?

All-in-one customer support solution

The smooth interplay between servicecamp and TeamViewer gives you access to the most comprehensive toolkit for support services. Everything you need to know, from support requests to communication with customers, is documented inside the platform. You can even collaborate with fellow team members on specific requests or tasks. Since everything is documented in a central location, no information is lost. If you know how to approach the issue immediately, you can trigger a remote control connection directly from the ticket to solve the problem.


servicecamp is extremely user-friendly. Setup is complete within a few minutes, and the platform is easy to comprehend. Once the system is set up, you’ll be ready to provide customer support in no time. The simple aesthetic of the user interface helps you focus on providing customer value instead of learning the system.

What will servicecamp cost me?

With a TeamViewer Premium or Corporate subscription license, servicecamp comes at no additional cost!

Premium subscriptions include 3 staff agents, and Corporate subscriptions include 5 staff agents.

Additional staff agents are available for purchase:

How can I try out servicecamp?

Click below to get started.

Where can I get more information about servicecamp?

If you have any questions, you can find answers in our friendly community or contact TeamViewer Sales directly.

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