Throughout TeamViewer's history, TeamViewer has published numerous software versions onto the market. Furthermore, within the last few years, the price structure offered by TeamViewer was changed from perpetual licensed products to subscription plans.

These continuous developments, and the customers’ requests to be predictable and consistent regarding versions, maintenance, and lifetimes, lead to the design of the TeamViewer Product Lifecycle Policies.

The TeamViewer Lifecycle Policies establish clear and predictable guidelines for support and maintenance phases throughout the Software Product Lifecycle.

On the one hand, this helps our customers and partners to manage their requirements, update cycle or multi-year infrastructure planning. On the other hand, TeamViewer product planning and development are able to focus more on new technologies.

TeamViewer Lifecycle Policies are applicable worldwide. However, TeamViewer understands that local laws, market conditions, and industry sectors vary.

In case there is a specific request with regard to maintenance and support services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Furthermore, if you're interested in any of our previous products, feel free to contact our customer support team and discover how our latest product lineup can assist you in achieving your objectives.

This article applies to all TeamViewer customers.

Deprecated TeamViewer products

Please find below the list of all TeamViewer products which have been deprecated.

Product Release date Last version End of life date













Although the products in this list have been deprecated, we have integrated certain functionalities into our existing product portfolio. For further details, please reach out to our customer support.