You can use TeamViewer (Classic) on operating systems that were created using a Windows, macOS, or Linux image. However, care must be taken to avoid potential problems with the cloned computers all sharing the same TeamViewer ID. 

📌Note: We generally recommend installing TeamViewer (Classic) only after the cloned operating system has been fully installed and is running. This is the safest solution and applies to all supported operating systems. 

This article applies to all TeamViewer (Classic) users.

Deploy a Windows image containing TeamViewer

Including TeamViewer (Classic) in a cloned Windows image often causes problems after installation. Microsoft's sysprep tool is the correct and only supported method to include TeamViewer on a cloned device prior to deployment, ensuring that TeamViewer operates as expected on cloned systems. More information can be found in Microsoft’s Sysprep (Generalize) a Windows installation article.

Deploy a macOS or Linux image containing TeamViewer

TeamViewer (Classic) must be installed with no active internet connection in order to properly include TeamViewer in a macOS or Linux image. This prevents TeamViewer from generating an ID before the image is prepared and deployed. 

If this is not possible, TeamViewer (Classic) must be left out of the image and installed on the cloned computers afterward. 

Troubleshoot duplicate TeamViewer IDs on your cloned computers 

In the event TeamViewer (Classic) is included in an image without the above steps completed, it’s likely that each cloned computer will also have cloned the TeamViewer ID, displaying the identical ID on all devices.

For macOS: Completely uninstall TeamViewer from each of the affected Macs including removing the TeamViewer configuration files (TeamViewer in the top-left of the menu bar  Preferences ➜ Advanced ➜ Uninstall TeamViewer & check Also delete configuration files)

For Windows or Linux: Please the TeamViewer log files from 2-3 of those computers. 

📌Note: A valid TeamViewer license is needed in order to submit a ticket.