The TeamViewer Remote Control app on Android provides two modes for interacting with the remote device it’s connected Touch Interactions and Mouse Interactions.

Touch Interactions mode means you interact with the remote device using your fingers, like a touch screen. You can see a demo of this on our YouTube Channel

Mouse interactions mode means your finger controls the mouse on the remote device.

There is a difference in functionality when using the Remote Control app on an Android mobile phone compared to an Android tablet.

This article applies to all TeamViewer (Classic) users.

Different interactions

Connecting from an Android phone to a Windows PC or Mac, only Mouse Interactions mode is available, meaning that you will get a mouse pointer that you can control with your finger to act as the remote computer.

Connecting from an Android phone ➜ to another Android phone or to an Android tablet, you will have full Touch Interactions mode, as if you had the remote device in your hand.

This will be the same if you connect from an Android tablet to an Android phone.

Connecting from an Android tablet ➜ to a Windows PC or Mac, you will have the option of using either Touch mode or Mouse mode. You can switch from one mode to another even while connected to the remote computer. The icon to enable this feature is pictured below.

📌Note: For supported Android tablets, the display size must be at least 6.5 inches to have both Touch and Mouse modes available.

*Example pictured shows a connection from an Android tablet to a Mac:

(Click the icon next to the Red arrow to switch from Mouse mode to Touch mode)

In addition, when starting a connection from an Android tablet or phone, you will be greeted with a dialog on how to use the Touch Interaction mode or the Mouse Interaction mode (depending on the device) as pictured below: