Supported Hardware

Wearable computing

Wearables for Industrial Use Cases

TeamViewer Frontline supports three classes of wearables: smart glasses, smartwatches, and smart scanners.

Why Wearables?

Portable computing devices have a long history dating back to the 80s. But it took until 2013 to develop head-mounted displays (HMDs), that meet today’s requirements for productive industrial use. In addition to tablets and smartphones, we also support and integrate three classes of wearables: smart glasses, smartwatches, and smart scanners or confirmation devices. By integrating the industry’s widest range of wearables, our customers will always find the most suitable device for their jobs. Our customers can deploy mixed infrastructure combining different devices or change the implementation, all through an integrated graphical user interface (GUI).

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses, or head-mounted displays, are wearable mobile computers with a display, a camera, a microphone, and a speaker. Depending on the device, there are often various sensors onboard, too. There are monocular and binocular devices with transparent and non-transparent displays.

Smart Scanner

Smart scanners are available in several form factors such as handheld, ring scanners, or attached to a glove. They are connected to smart glasses via Bluetooth and are used to confirm e.g. part numbers and quantities. Some scanners, like ring scanners and glove scanners, allow the worker to have both hands free for grasping items and scanning them at the same.


Smartwatches are wrist-worn mobile computers displaying information. They can be used to confirm information like quantities and some can also scan barcodes or QR-codes. Smartwatches are used either as an alternative to or accompany smart glasses and are connected to them via Bluetooth.

Smart Glasses Guide

Our Smart Glasses Guide provides you with valuable information about AR glasses and their differences.

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