TeamViewer (Classic) can usually be used on headless systems. After installing TeamViewer (Classic), unattended access is possible with the personal TeamViewer password of the remote device. 

In some cases, the remote user interface is not displayed properly. Please find some explanations below. 

This article applies to all TeamViewer (Classic) users.

TeamViewer (Classic) on headless systems without a graphics display 

In general, a device’s graphics card will constantly send information (eg. supported resolution) to the graphics display of the device. If no graphics display is connected to the graphics card of the device, the graphics driver can't get the appropriate information. In some cases, this may lead to the following displaying errors within a TeamViewer (Classic) connection: 

  • Content which is related to hardware acceleration (i.e. browser content or 3D applications/games) cannot be displayed properly 
  • The whole user interface cannot be displayed (black screen) 

TeamViewer (Classic) displays an exact copy of the graphics card's output. If the graphical output of the graphics card is disabled, TeamViewer may not be able to display the user interface of the remote device. Please make sure to connect a graphics display to the device. It may also be sufficient to connect a dummy plug to your graphics card.