With Two factor authentication, you can protect your TeamViewer account and thus your Computers & Contacts list from unauthorized access with an additional security code.

Activate Two factor authentication as described below 👇

This article applies to all TeamViewer users.

Activate Two factor authentication

  1. Log in with your TeamViewer account at login.teamviewer.com.
  2. Click Edit profile under your profile name (upper right corner).
  3. Go to Security in the left menu
  4. Click the Activate link under Two factor authentication and follow the onscreen instructions.

Video Tutorial

Recap of the Video:

  1. Log in to the Management Console with your TeamViewer account
  2. Go to the top right, select your profile and click on Edit profile
  3. Now select Security and click Activate Two factor authentication.
  4. Click Continue
  5. Open your authentication app on your device and follow the steps shown in the Management Console
    • Scan QR code
    • Download, print or copy the recovery code and store it in a safe place before activating two factor authentication (Very important!)
    • Enter the security code shown in the authentication app on your device
    • Click Activate
  6. Click Finish