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Online Meeting Software Critical Recruitment Driver in Digital Transformation

Blizz by TeamViewer Eliminates Geographical Barriers Enabling a More Efficient HR Recruitment Process


Tampa, Florida, July 27, 2017 – Digital transformation in the workplace will most likely affect most if not all aspects of business, with many domains, such as recruiting, experiencing drastic transformation. The need to identify and recruit the personnel with the right skills to meet your job requirements has always been a key objective for HR professionals – a task that must continue to happen with increased efficiency and speed.

The Washington Post recently stated that Human Resource professionals must review a total of 86 candidates in order to identify the most qualified person to hire for an available position. While this statistic may not come as a surprise to HR professionals, the truth of the matter is that things will only become more volatile as the digital transformation continues to progress. Online meeting software such as Blizz by TeamViewer, a critical role in enabling HR professionals to effectively review and interview prospective candidates who may reside in another state or country. The opportunity to connect instantly, share screens and video, as well as feel confident that the connection is secure and private provides an additional resource for HR professionals and others who are making hiring decisions.

Job interviews by video conference, such as those carried out by Blizz, have many advantages:

  • The job search can be extended to include candidates from around the world. An initial online meeting provides recruiters the opportunity to get a first impression of their potential new employee no matter their location.
  • The meeting can be initiated instantly and does not require costly travel.
  • Multiple parties can join at once, allowing for several people to conduct the interview simultaneously, no matter their location or the department.
  • It provides better insight on the candidate’s abilities by enabling both the interviewer and the interviewee to interact more personally than a traditional phone conversation.
  • The meeting can be recorded due to Blizz’s screen recording option. Large companies that interview several individuals are able to save an interview to review later, or share with other company members to gather their input. This capability provides all necessary parties a chance to thoroughly review the applicants in question.
  • As a Blizz meeting is end-to-end encrypted, all involved parties can be sure that the exchange will remain private.

Blizz by TeamViewer allows for a high definition video experience. Professional users can choose between three packages, each with different functions. It is available in Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS, reinforcing TeamViewer’s objective to offer solutions that eliminate existing gaps between different platforms.

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