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TeamViewer and Certificate Authorization on Android

TeamViewer applications and add-ons updated to assure proper certificate authorization methods


Tampa, Fla., August 8, 2015 – TeamViewer®, leader in desktop sharing and online collaboration software, announced today its applications and add-ons have already been updated to resolve an identified vulnerability within the Android platform concerning the authorization methods between mobile remote support tool apps and system-level plugs on devices.

The updated version of TeamViewer QuickSupport for Android includes an improved security mechanism to ensure safe communication between internal app components. This enhancement prevents potential misuse of the QuickSupport app and its Add-On on compromised devices. The updated TeamViewer apps are already deployed, and in fact were made available to the entire community of TeamViewer partners in advance of Checkpoint’s report publication on August 7.

TeamViewer places the highest priority on the security of customer data and as such, the company resolved these security issues through a proactive update to its QuickSupport application and associated add-on well in advance of public awareness of the vulnerability. TeamViewer’s updates were in fact verified as secure, by the specific individual security experts that publicized the Android platform’s vulnerability. TeamViewer’s security team will continue to work to ensure the ongoing protection of all TeamViewer users and will proactively provide product-specific updates whenever necessary.


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