Press Release – March 15, 2019

TeamViewer and MobileIron Launch Significant Upgrade to Help@Work for iOS Powered by TeamViewer

IT Administrators Can Use TeamViewer Remote Support Sessions to Better Support iOS users


Tampa Bay, March 15, 2019– TeamViewer®, a global leader in secure remote connectivity solutions, today announced a significant update to the integration of TeamViewer on the MobileIron platform. A new version of the Help@Work for iOS powered by TeamViewer is now available, which implements a user-friendly and seamless way for administrators to remotely view their customers’ iOS devices.

“Help@Work transforms the help desk experience for users on iOS and Android devices by allowing them to ask for help and share their screen with a help desk agent with click-of-a-button,” says Chris Dobrec, VP of product management at MobileIron. “Users no longer waste valuable time trying to verbalize the issue, and IT staff is more efficient when troubleshooting device issues.”

“MobileIron is a leading Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform and a strategic partner to TeamViewer,” says Alfredo Patron, SVP of business development at TeamViewer. “With this release, we bring to Help@Work a powerful and easy-to-use solution for businesses so they can provide remote support to all iOS devices and improve productivity.”

TeamViewer has been integrated with MobiIeIron since 2015 to provide remote control functionality for Android devices. The new solution for iOS devices is innovative as it enables the administrator to send a request for a remote view session to the end user without the need for any pre-configuration (and complexity) from the end user.

Highlights and benefits:

  • IT professionals can initiate hassle-free connections to iOS devices and resolve issues much faster (until now the customer had to manually launch the MobileIron app to see the incoming request).
  • With this update, there is now a common interface and flow for connecting to Android and iOS devices.
  • With the TeamViewer solution, support staff can now automatically get an initial diagnostic view (CPU, memory, battery and storage space) along with key device details (e.g. operating system & hardware versions) upon connection, without the user taking further action.

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