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TeamViewer Brings About Rule of Five to Celebrate World Password Day

Strong passwords and two factor authentication are key to protecting user accounts


Göppingen/Germany, May 4, 2016. TeamViewer®, the global pioneer of remote control and online collaboration software, celebrates World Password Day on May 5, 2016 by sharing some simple best practices for creating passwords. In addition to generating strong passwords, TeamViewer urges users to utilize two-factor authentication to obtain an extra layer of protection from unauthorized access.

The list below includes five simple password principles to follow. On a lighter note, TeamViewer first wants to share a fun way to remember the most important password best practice: Passwords are like underwear – change them regularly and do not show them publicly!

  1. Create different passwords for each account: If you use the same credentials across multiple accounts and even just one gets compromised, this will leave your other accounts vulnerable and at risk.
  2. Do not share your passwords: A password is a secret word or phrase by definition, and you should always apply discretion when it comes to sharing them.
  3. Change your passwords regularly: Even if you are using a safe password it is important to change them regularly. It may take a while for you to realize when an account has been compromised, so make sure you update your passwords on a regular basis – and stick to a schedule so you don’t forget!
  4. Don’t use personally identifiable information: Having multiple strong passwords can be hard to remember. Many users try to make remembering passwords easier by utilizing names and dates that have personal meaning. However, criminals can use publically available information and social media accounts to uncover these pieces of information, and therefore guess passwords.
  5. Use two factor authentication: While using strong passwords is a great first step, adding another layer of security with two factor authentication provides a greater level of protection. This means in addition to a password, a second factor - often a security code delivered to a mobile device - is needed to log in to an account. TeamViewer users can learn more about setting up two factor authentication for their accounts here:

User security and privacy is a priority for Andreas Heißel, security officer at TeamViewer. He explains, “Many users are overwhelmed when asked to memorize so many passwords. I always recommend using password safes – there are many free options available – allowing you to keep your security up to an acceptable level, while you only need to remember one strong password.”

In this blog post, Heißel has some more valuable tips for users:

To find out more about the security precautions TeamViewer has deployed go to:


About the World Password Day

According to National Day Calendar, security researcher Mark Burnett first encouraged people to have a “password day,” where they update important passwords in his 2005 book Perfect Passwords. Inspired by his idea, Intel Security took the initiative to declare the first Thursday in May World Password Day in May 2013. Day is meant to create awareness of the need for good password security. To find out more go to:


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