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TeamViewer Partners with MobileIron to Streamline Technical Remote Support

MobileIron [email protected] for Android integrates TeamViewer


Tampa, Fla., August 25, 2015TeamViewer®, a leader in desktop sharing and online collaboration software, has integrated its flagship product into MobileIron [email protected] for Android. [email protected] is a MobileIron product that transforms the help desk experience for iOS and Android devices by allowing users to share their screen with a help desk agent. By integrating TeamViewer into the help desk experience, users are now able to share their screens with help desk technicians; thereby, streamlining the support process by helping technicians to troubleshoot on the spot. This integration combines the strength of TeamViewer’s remote support to yield a much simpler mobile device support experience.

“TeamViewer is a smart solution with cutting-edge technology which enables seamless integration into other solutions,” says Kornelius Brunner, vice president of Product Management, TeamViewer. “This partnership with MobileIron exemplifies the multi-faceted nature of our solution. By enabling other solutions to be able to use TeamViewer, we are building a dynamic grid of intelligent solutions that are beneficial to IT experts and end-users.”

Here are some ways in which this integration has actually changed the mobile device support experience:

Visual detection
Thanks to the screen sharing and remote control options, help desk agents can visually detect where the problems are. This leads to better root cause analysis; the help desk agent can simply access the device, detect the problem, and troubleshoot. Which in turn means a more transparent resolution of problems.

Privacy and data issues are generally a major cause for concern for users. End users must give their consent before any remote support action can take place. They also have a better visual overview about what the help desk agent is doing on their devices.

Timely support
Thanks to the visual detection, problems are easily located and resolved without the user and the help desk agent wasting time to describe the problem. This leads to faster and more accurate resolutions.

Increased interaction
With this integration, it is easier for help desk agents and end-users to chat and interact with each other. The resulting advantage of such remote support experiences is that through increased interaction end-users can understand the processes and verbalize themselves better.

[email protected] for Android can make remote mobile troubleshooting painless,” said Rahul Mehta, product manager, MobileIron. “By integrating TeamViewer with the [email protected] client, we are providing our customers with a faster, simpler and seamless help desk experience.”
Mobileiron integrated the full version of TeamViewer via the TeamViewer API. This way Mobileiron can provide remote support for Android devices. The support cases will be processed via the TeamViewer QuickSupport app. MobileIron [email protected] for Android including the TeamViewer integration is available now in MobileIron Core 8.0 and [email protected] 8.0 Client.

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