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TeamViewer Releases Major Spring Feature Update

New Q1 Feature Update adds mobile device support improvements for iOS and Android users to facilitate the work of admins and help desk managers

  • Reduced mobile data usage and improved 1-Click-Login for TeamViewer Android App
  • Improved iOS file management: TeamViewer now integrates into the new iOS Files app
  • Easily synchronize your Active Directory users with TeamViewer to save time
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities for servicecamp, TeamViewer’s integrated ticket system


Tampa, FL, March 20th, 2018 TeamViewer®, a leading global software provider for IoT, connectivity, monitoring, support, and team collaboration, announces the 2018 spring feature update. This update significantly improves TeamViewer’s Mobile Device Support capabilities by increasing login speed, reducing mobile data usage for Android users, and allowing for easy file management on iOS 11 devices by integrating with the iOS Files app. Admins and help desk managers benefit from further enhancements like the easy synchronization of Active Directory users with TeamViewer and the introduction of enhanced reporting capabilities, a much-requested feature for servicecamp, TeamViewer’s integrated ticket system.

Reduced mobile data usage with improved 1-click-login for Android Users
Users of the TeamViewer Android app now benefit from smarter data transfer and caching technology that aims to keep mobile data usage low. Logins will be handled more intelligently while moving between mobile networks or dealing with signal loss. Depending on the size of your Computers and Contacts list, the savings of this new feature can reduce mobile data usage up to 40%. This provides a hassle-free experience while on the go – users can log in instantly and gain access to their Computers & Contacts list via their Android devices faster and more reliably than before.

iOS Files app integration and improved file transfer management
The TeamViewer QuickSupport app now seamlessly integrates with the iOS 11 experience by making use of the Files app. Users can exchange files between the QuickSupport app folder and any other location supported by the Files app, such as iCloud, Dropbox and Adobe Creative Cloud. TeamViewer demonstrates its market leading innovative drive by integrating into the new iOS Files app, allowing for easy management of all files transferred to or from an iOS device.

Active Directory Connector for easy synchronization of users with TeamViewer
Setting up TeamViewer accounts and getting them included in a group requires a lot of manual effort for System Administrators, especially in larger organizations. With the new Active Directory Connector, admins can synchronize Active Directory users with TeamViewer and use the AD Connector GUI to configure and synchronize multiple AD groups, run tests and set up scheduled checks. The Active Directory Connector is now available through the TeamViewer website. The additionally necessary token can be generated in TeamViewer’s Management Console.

Enhanced reporting capabilities for servicecamp, TeamViewer’s integrated ticket system
With the Q1 feature update, TeamViewer has implemented the No. 1 feature request for servicecamp: IT administrators can now easily get information on how many tickets have been assigned to their staff agents, identify how many tickets are created each month or week or day, monitor the most common issues and problems and see how fast tickets are resolved. This allows for more efficient management of the daily work loads of service agents and closer monitoring of important customers and recurring issues to improve overall customer service quality.

In addition, servicecamp now seamlessly integrates with external reporting tools such as PowerBI and Tableau. This will give help desk managers the benefit of being able to work inside their existing reporting infrastructure and combine servicecamp data with reporting data from other systems.

“TeamViewer remains committed to continuously listening to customer feedback and enhancing the service accordingly to provide the safest and easiest to use remote control option for private and business users alike,” says Kornelius Brunner, Senior Vice President Product Management and Chief Innovation Officer at TeamViewer. “With this first update for 2018, we further our goal of making the lives of TeamViewer users easier by saving them clicks, time and money.”


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