21 jan. 2022

What is digital customer service — how you benefit

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    Digital Customer Service in a nutshell

    The question “What is digital customer care?”, can be answered most simply as follows: It is a modern approach that simplifies communication between companies and customers and is a win-win for both sides. Digital customer service is a contemporary way of contacting customers.

    The possible communication options are many: customer service is provided directly via the Internet, smartphone or regular phone. This enrichment personalizes the experience and enables concrete collaboration via remote access.

    It is up to the company to decide which channels to use for digital customer service. Whether messaging, co-browsing, chat, phone, social media or video meetings – the combination of bots and humans offers numerous advantages.

    Why is a good Digital Customer Service important?

    Communication within society has changed noticeably. Mobile apps and web-based communication are becoming increasingly important in everyday life. Consumers expect this form of progress not only from friends, family and colleagues. They also expect it from the companies they buy from.

    Companies that offer good online customer support benefit from the various forms of multi-channel support. Instead of optimizing individual areas, digital customer service can flow directly into the holistic customer strategy.

    Why is Digital Customer Service highly valued by consumers?

    Customer service and support online offers additional convenience at an improved speed. At the same time, contact is possible regardless of location and time. Digital customer support is contemporary and adapts to the lifestyle of modern people.

    In addition, almost every consumer now owns a smartphone. It has become a reliable companion and an integral part of everyday life. It is therefore all the more understandable that digital client services use this very medium. This makes customer service pleasantly flexible for consumers.

    What are the benefits for businesses?

    Online customer service is a win-win for both sides. Since companies compete on the basis of customer experience anyway, digital customer service is becoming increasingly important. Because it is also a part of the communication strategy. However, for this strategy to work, an excellently designed support area is necessary. Web monitoring tools also help to draw the desired conclusions and reduce the amount of work and analysis required.

    • Communication via chat is an efficient method for agent-based support. Individual agents can support multiple customers at the same time.
    • Targeted custom modules allow agents to retrieve the necessary data and process customer inquiries much faster.
    • Additional contextual guidance can be offered on the support page for higher conversion.
    • The ability to get help through different channels increases customer satisfaction tremendously.

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    The key-factors for Digital Customer Service

    Digital conversation is replacing the traditional communication channels and helping to remove previous obstacles. To ensure that online customer contact runs smoothly, companies must place value on the most important aspects.

    Any digital channel

    Digital customer service solutions enable the customer to find the company on the various digital channels. This ensures that text messages are answered, and the Twitter or Facebook account is accessible.

    Empowered Agents

    For digital customer service to deliver on its promise, agents must have the necessary information and skills. Special tools help to make the process dynamic and support time-critical undertakings. They also enable real-time communication and support agents within the necessary customer context.

    Holistic Management

    Holistic management allows the extensive management of interactions – from the agent to the supervisor. Automation and artificial intelligence support voice interactions, for example, while enabling workforce optimization and extensive analytics.

    Digital Customer Service and Customer Experience

    The general focus on the web has been oriented toward an excellent customer experience for some time now. Digital customer service is undoubtedly helping to further improve it. After all, the service concept comes first so that the quality of the service remains at a high level. The result is satisfied customers who positively influence the brand value.

    Conclusion – a well-developed Digital Customer Service is key for every modern business

    Every modern company should decide to push its digital customer service. With a well-designed remote management and web monitoring tool, nothing stands in the way of such a service offering. Tools such as TeamViewer help to directly assist customers with questions via remote access. Therefore, TeamViewer is an excellent way to increase customer satisfaction.