The Remote Screen via Framebuffer allows you to see what is displayed on the screen of the edge device. This is helpful to monitor a user remotely.

Using this feature disables the Remote Screen to control.

What you will need

Make sure that you have prepared the following points:


1. Access the edge device remotely (Access the Edge Device via Remote Terminal).

2. To enable the Remote Screen type in the following command and press return.

sudo teamviewer-iot-agent configure set -p [int32] EnableRemoteScreen 1

3. Find the framebuffer number and write it down (see example below). Type in the following command and press return.

ls /dev/ | grep fb

4. Replace fb0 with the found framebuffer number. Restart the TeamViewer Embedded Agent. Type in the following commands and press return:

sudo teamviewer-iot-agent configure set -p [strng] RemoteScreenChannels "FBD:/dev/fb0"
sudo teamviewer-iot-agent restart

The setup is complete. You can access the edge device with your TeamViewer Client now.

When accessing the edge device, the user who works on said device gets a notification. You can customize the notification.