Pilot – Repair and Maintenance

TeamViewer Pilot

Augmented Reality for Repair and Maintenance

TeamViewer Pilot is an interactive augmented reality-powered visual remote assistance solution enabling remote experts to guide on-site technicians through repair, maintenance, or inspection steps. Using just smartphones or smart glasses, on-site technicians can show remote experts exactly what they see in a secure live-streaming video session, allowing remote experts to provide real-time contextual assistance from their computers or mobile devices by adding text annotations, drawing, or tagging real-world objects with 3D markers.

TeamViewer Pilot

TeamViewer Pilot offers an AR-powered remote assistance solution where you can guide your on-site technician to carry out a repair, maintenance, or inspection process. Using just smartphones or smart glasses, the technician can stream to your computer or mobile device while allowing you to provide real-time contextual assistance by adding text, drawing, or highlighting real-world objects with 3D markers.

Drive Operational Efficiency with AR-Powered Remote Assistance


Minimize Machine Downtime

Assist the on-site technicians remotely, reducing the need for costly travel. Plus, remotely guide your customers step-by-step through preventive maintenance processes to extend the life of machines and reduce downtime.


Enhance Training Processes and Knowledge Transfer

Accelerate onboarding and improve knowledge transfer between senior and junior technicians as the seniors provide remote guidance and on-the-job training for your next generation of workers. Plus, record TeamViewer Pilot sessions for future reference, documentation, and training purposes.


Streamline and Improve Inspection Processes

Inspections are critical for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and safety. Improve inspection processes and increase accuracy with comprehensive expert guidance. Supervisors and expert personnel can handle inspections remotely for more efficient scheduling of future maintenance or parts delivery and even record all TeamViewer Pilot sessions for documentation and precise record-keeping.


Improve First-Time Fix Rates and Reduce Costs

Detect faults more accurately and efficiently with remote experts guiding on-site technicians through complex procedures to achieve better first-time fix rates. Eliminate unnecessary downtime due to inaccurate diagnosis or insufficient repairs, while minimizing recurrent site visits along with the associated overhead costs of travel, accommodation, and extra service hours.

See TeamViewer Pilot in action

Is TeamViewer Pilot right for me?

The short answer: yes!

Why? TeamViewer Pilot is much more than a streaming video app. It’s a cost-effective, easy-to-use, secure remote assistance tool for professionals across different industries like manufacturing, energy, telecom, MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations), aviation, food and beverage, and packaging.
You can place markers, draw, highlight, and annotate the live video stream shared by your service technician’s camera. Using 3D object tracking, these markers stick to the real-world objects shown onscreen, leaving no guesswork about which lever to pull, which wire to move, or which button to push in critical time-sensitive situations.

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