Feature Spotlight – Channel Groups

Maintain Support Availability With Channel Groups

Whether you’re using your TeamViewer™ channels for IT administration, tech support, or collaboration, you want to make sure certain people can always establish a connection. By setting up channel groups, you can better support your customers and ensure that the staff addresses priority needs promptly.

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Optimize Concurrent TeamViewer Sessions

Create channel groups to optimize concurrent TeamViewer sessions. Easy to set up and configure, channel groups ensure that specific customers and teams always have access to the channels they need. This powerful customization option lets you determine how your license and corresponding channels are used and by whom.

Enhance overall performance using channel groups to create dedicated support channels for:

  • Your company’s CEO
  • Key Account/VIP customers
  • Different levels of support (Tier I, Tier II, etc.)
  • Sales presentations
  • Regular internal screen-sharing meetings
  • And much more!

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