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Organize Your Contacts and Create Group Lists

If you collaborate with multiple clients, several of your coworkers, or groups of remote workers, you need a way to connect and work together on your projects. Use the Computers and Contacts list to get your work done faster by connecting with the people, groups of devices, or servers you need to access.

When you log in to your TeamViewer™ account, you will see a window with your Computers and Contact list. Here, you will be able to add all of your devices with alias names. From this pane, you can also edit your profile settings, select a profile picture, and add all of your TeamViewer contacts to specialized groups.

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Instant Log-in

Now in TeamViewer 13, even if you have thousands of contacts and devices in your Computers & Contacts list, you won’t experience delays when logging in. TeamViewer uses secure caching and optimized data transfer to get you up and running quicker.

Creating Groups

Create groups in TeamViewer by selecting multiple contacts and right-clicking. Groups can be useful to for group chat, video conferencing, and more when you’re working on projects together. You can also send files to connections straight from this window. Build relationships with clients easily without using a separate chat tool. TeamViewer gives you the capability to keep all of your communication in one place.

Use groups to find your contacts and devices quickly. Plus, you’ll always know whether the contact or device is online, offline, away, or busy depending on their status. Make sure you don’t forget to define your own status so your contacts know when you’re available.

Working with a device instead of a contact? Simply double-click on the devices you manage to instantly connect.

Recent Connections

This group at the top of the Computers & Contacts list lets you quickly reconnect with the devices and contacts you’ve interacted with most recently. This prevents you from having to search for them again in your contact list to initiate remote control, file transfer, or online meeting connections.

Accessing Notifications and Other Features

In the Computers and Contact list pane, you can also navigate to the Management Console, Service Queue, and Chat. Easily discover the functionalities you need from one place.

This pane will also give you notifications for device alerts, contact requests, and service queues. You’ll be able to view service requests as soon as they come in while keeping track of all your TeamViewer activity.

If you sync up your TeamViewer account with ITbrain, you’ll also get notifications anytime a device you’re monitoring needs action.

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