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Leave That Special Touch to Increase Customer Satisfaction

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you needed IT support and had no way to access it easily, you know how frustrating it is to wait on a fix when you’re in a bind. Don’t let your customers experience the same frustration.

With the TeamViewer™ SOS button, you can provide quick, accessible support 24/7. Simply place an icon with your company’s name on your customer’s desktop and in one click, they will be able to access you with ease.

With additional features like a sticky notes and a customer satisfaction survey, you can rest assured that your customers will be able to hear from your employees at every touch point throughout the process.

Feature Details & Supported Products

SOS Button

Create an easy way for your customers to reach you for IT support. With an SOS button, your customers will be able to access your team 24/7 with one simple click. Simply place an icon icon with your company’s name, or a simple call to action, right on customer’s desktop to make it extremely easy for them to access support.

This feature is ideal for traveling businessmen who may not be as tech savvy. Make sure you’re always accessible with TeamViewer.

Sticky Notes

If you have unattended access to a remote device, you may want to inform the device’s owner of the support that took place in their absence. While the ticket system will report the closing of the request, you can have your employees leave a personal remark with a digital sticky note. Make the support process a bit more personal and interact with your customers using sticky notes.

Satisfaction Rating

Want feedback on how well your team is doing? Enable the customer satisfaction survey pop-up at the end of your remote control session. Monitor employees’ ratings, refine processes, and gain insight into the customers’ needs.

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