Feature Spotlight Multi-User Support Sessions

Invite Multiple Support Technicians Into Your Complex Support Scenarios

So you’re knee deep in an IT issue on a remote device… and you’re stuck. With TeamViewer™, you can invite another user to access the same remote device and help you solve the issue.

With multi-user support, you can assist co-workers who don’t have admin permissions. Support your users remotely and securely with one simple tool. Even if you’re in the middle of a remote control session, you can invite another user in with one simple click.

With multi-channel support, you have the ability to fix any issue within your means.

Feature Details & Supported Products

Work Together

Invite any partner or expert into a current remote control session and solve problems together. TeamViewer also allows you to change directions by reversing the viewing direction during any ongoing session. Need to work in tandem? No problem! With TeamViewer, two colleagues can collaborate on the same project simultaneously.

Need special permission that you don’t have to fix the IT issue at hand? Invite your supervisor to access the remote device. If it’s an issue that should be in their hands, you can leave the call and give them access to the uninterrupted session you initiated.

Easily Access Recent Contacts

The Recent Connections group in your Computers and Contacts list lets you quickly re-connect with the people and devices you interacted with most recently, saving the time you’d normally spend searching for them within the full list.

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