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Streamline Support Requests With the Service Queue

Whether they come in as standard service cases or emergency requests, support tickets can quickly pile up. By using the service queue within TeamViewer™ to manage customer-initiated service cases, your support team can more efficiently organize, prioritize, and resolve them.

This makes it easy for end-users to request support, and gives you the ability to track and follow up on cases at a glance.

Feature Details & Supported Products

Case Management

Enable dynamic service case management with the service queue. This tool helps you deliver faster resolutions to your customers’ problems by automatically collecting incoming cases and assigning each a unique session code. These codes allow you to quickly prioritize and assign work within the team and let customers join support sessions directly with just a click.

Service queue notifications ensure the team never overlooks a service case, which helps maintain service level agreements and improve customer satisfaction.

Automated Service Case Assignment

Save time assigning service requests across your team, so that the right person can get started on important tasks without delay.

Pre-define a service case assignee within your custom modules. New service requests from custom modules will then be automatically assigned to those users.

Put someone on CC

The extension for a better workflow: with the possibility to put more users on CC, your team remains always up to date and servicecamp tickets are processed more efficiently.

From now on, your users can simply put email addresses on CC when creating tickets.

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