Feature Spotlight – Time-Saving Shortcuts

Access TeamViewer’s Primary Functionalities Through These Time-Saving Shortcuts

Between the dashboard and the QuickSteps menu, IT professionals have access to a multitude of TeamViewer features at their fingertips. These functionalities change the way you connect to remote devices, giving you the capability to finish IT support jobs with ease.

Stop wasting time on projects trying to access the tools you need. With a few simple clicks, you have access to all of the most prominent tools TeamViewer offers. Make multiple remote desktop connections at once, utilize mobile device support, perform support for unattended devices, and more.

Learn how you can get the job done quicker below!

Feature Details & Supported Products

Remote Control

Access remote computers on the go with the TeamViewer remote control apps for Android and iOS. Use your mobile device to provide spontaneous support or remotely access an unattended computer.

Multiple Connections

Open multiple connections simultaneously. Set-up like browser tabs,  you can switch conveniently between your sessions. Navigate easily between multiple monitors or display multiple remote screens simultaneously.


The QuickSteps toolbar enables you to access the tools you need quickly. Located at the top of your TeamViewer session, the features found here are designed to be accessible and agile. Using the Quicksteps toolbar, you can navigate to multiple features. Improve the way you connect to remote devices, and stop wasting time with unnecessary steps.

One-Click Remote Script Execution

Use scripts to automate recurring processes and save time on routine tasks. Upload scripts to the Management Console for easy and convenient access during each session. Save time and money by automating repetitive processes.

Advanced Device Grouping by Custom Device Information

Quickly and easily group your devices according to the properties that are most relevant to you. You can use the custom device information for optimal management and arrange the devices in your Computer & Contacts list according to your current needs.

The custom device information can be centrally configured in the Management Console so your colleagues can enter the relevant information in the Computer & Contacts list. Display details such as operating system, manufacturer, department, or any option you specify and group your devices according to this information.


Using the TeamViewer dashboard, you can gain an understanding of what’s going on with the remote device. Here, you’ll be able to see general information about the RAM storage, CPU, hard drive, and more. See which, if any, programs are not responding. View which processes are running. Figure out what security systems are running antivirus scans. Finally, you’ll have access to all of the device information such as serial number, model, manufacturer, computer name, and operating system. This can come in handy if something is really acting up.

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