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Partner Excellence Program

We are a pioneer and market leader for augmented reality-based wearable computing solutions that optimize industrial work processes. As part of our partner program, you can benefit from our experience and write your own success stories.


Help Your Customers Succeed With Our Partner Excellence Program

Our vision is the further development of the industrial working world through fully integrated augmented reality solutions and wearable computing. Together with our partners, we are expanding the potential of innovative solutions for digital transformation.

The Partner Excellence Program (PEP) is a straightforward program equipped with incentives, training, support opportunities, and other benefits to help you build your business with wearable computing solutions.

PEP Benefits

Why you should not hesitate in becoming our partner.


Increased Profitability

Expand your product and service portfolio with TeamViewer Frontline. Generate your own services with 100% gross profit.

Competitive Advantage

Differentiate yourself from your competitors with innovative and award-winning wearable computing solutions.

New Possibilities

Combine your existing products with our AR platform to create new end-to-end solutions.

Stronger Customer Loyalty

Become the reference supplier of your industry for the integration of frontline workers into the digital world.

Partner Categories

Our Partner Excellence Program consists of three different partner types. The categories are based on the respective performance of the partner. This enables companies with niche expertise or focused service offerings to participate in the program as well.

The following partner categories are included in the program:

The Business Partner supports our solutions but focuses on one or a few necessary tasks or services in their own service offerings.

Providing our solutions, the Solution Partner offers projects in their entirety through self-developed services, sells them under their own name, processes them, and supports ongoing operations.

The Platform Partner uses our products as a basis for creating their own solutions. These solutions are marketed under their own name and brand.

Our Partners

Our strong partner network consists of technology, sales, and research partners. Find out who we work with in providing first-class customer service.

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