This article applies to all TeamViewer Meeting customers with a Core, Crew or Company license.

The TeamViewer Meeting User management allows you to manage the TeamViewer Meeting licenses in your company in the role of an administrator. You can assign and change licenses to your company´s employees anytime to always have the perfect set-up for your company.

 🚨Important: TeamViewer Meeting User Management has moved to the TeamViewer Management Console:

Your users and licenses are now managed in the TeamViewer Management console. This will enable you to manage multiple licenses, make bulk edits to your users and allow access to other TeamViewer products.

Access the User management

You can easily access the User Management via the TeamViewer Management Console or this direct link:

TeamViewer Management Console

Access via the TeamViewer Meeting software

To access the User management via the TeamViewer Meeting software, please follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your TeamViewer account in the TeamViewer Meeting software
  2. Click on the Settings tab in the left area of the app and choose User management
  3. The User management opens in your default browser

📌Note: TeamViewer Meeting User Management has moved to the TeamViewer Management Console. A popup displayed will lead you to the MCO directly.

Access via a direct link

You can easily access the TeamViewer User management via this link:

TeamViewer Management Console

If you will not be logged in automatically, please log in with your TeamViewer account credentials.

Features within the User management

Within the User Management, you can easily manage your TeamViewer Company incl. all users and licenses. Learn more about it here:

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