This article applies to all TeamViewer and TeamViewer Meeting users in all licenses.

TeamViewer Meeting is a secure, modern, and easy-to-use solution for meetings, presentations, and team collaboration.



TeamViewer Meeting comes with a variety of features for its users like

  • Instant meetings
  • Team Messaging
  • Face-to-Face HD VoIP Video
  • Audio Calls
  • Scheduler
  • 4K Screen Sharing with Multi-Monitor Support
  • Conference and Meeting Recording

Secured by TeamViewer

All the features of TeamViewer Meeting come with the proven TeamViewer Technology and Security, which millions of users trust every day: 

  • ISO9001 certified,
  • with advanced RSA 4096-bit public/private key exchange and
  • with 256Bit end-to-end encryption,
  • protecting sessions from prying eyes.

📌Note: What happens in TeamViewer, stays in TeamViewer. TeamViewer Meeting keeps all chats, and video sessions encrypted.

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Mobile ready

Unlike other meeting platforms, TeamViewer Meeting is a lightweight app that sits on your desktop toolbar and is available as a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to have an open communication channel with your team at all times. TeamViewer Meeting allows you to launch instant meetings, make VoIP and video calls, and start chatting with your team instantly from anywhere. 

💡Hint: With visual and audio computer notifications, TeamViewer Meeting also rings your cell phone with incoming meeting requests, making it the perfect team collaboration app for both startups and corporations.

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TeamViewer Meeting Support

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