Using an MDM service and Android Enterprise, you can deploy the TeamViewer Host app to your Android devices and assign them to a TeamViewer account. AppConfig should support the MDM service you use. Some examples include IBM MaaS360, InTune, BlackBerry BES12, MobileIron, VMware AirWatch, and others.

This article applies to all TeamViewer customers with a Corporate or Tensor license.


  • the MDM provider is linked with Android Enterprise
  • the TeamViewer Host App is enabled for the Android Enterprise Play Store
  • a Configuration-ID of a custom Android Host module (you can create one under

Below, the configuration with TeamViewer is described using AirWatch as an example.

How to deploy the TeamViewer Host app for Android

To deploy the TeamViewer Host App to your device, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the AirWatch console.
  2. Open the TeamViewer Host App via Apps & Books ➜ Public ➜ Add Application.
  3. Select Platform AndroidSource Import from Play. Click Next.
  4. Select a Smart Group in the Assignment tab.
  5. Select the Deployment tab.
  6. Tick the box in Send Application Configuration.
  7. Add a new Configuration ID under Application Configuration.
    • Value Type = String
    • Configuration Key = ConfigurationID
    • Configuration Value = <Configuration-ID of the Android Host moduls>
  8. Click Save & Publish.

TeamViewer Host for Android will then be deployed to the assigned devices. After that, you can connect to the devices from your TeamViewer account with a single click.