The Environmental Simulation Laboratory's three core businesses are ocean-related environmental information distribution, digital seafloor topographic mapping, and geographic information systems. Smooth daily data collection is essential for this.

Data collection terminals are installed on vessels and data is transmitted over networks, where TeamViewer IoT has been fully incorporated in the GPS data logger system and the real-time fishery and sea state information collection devices, to enable reliable remote maintenance.


  • Maintenance of data collection terminals required cost and manpower to go onsite and adjust equipment
  • Remote support via SSH and the application of another large-scale cloud system were considered, but were not realistic due to labor and cost issues
  • Vessels navigate at the edge of 3G line areas where communication speeds are slow and unstable, so even narrow bandwidth was necessary
  • The company wanted to respond remotely to a social situation that discouraged visiting customers to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus


In implementing the remote mechanism, terminal functionality was key, so TeamViewer IoT was deployed. The remote terminal became available immediately after installation, and support support was expedited. Both travel costs and manpower have been greatly reduced. Moreover, remote support has been embraced by clients, especially those in the public sector, due in part to the impact of the new coronavirus.