A leading vendor of civil engineering-related software, is using i-Construction software for customer support and remote communication, an initiative promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism to improve productivity at construction sites through the use of ICT.


  • It was impossible to understand exactly what the customer wanted to do over the phone
  • Frequent cases could not be resolved by telephone support, forcing field support or sales representatives to visit the customer's site
  • Smooth information sharing among the 17 offices scattered across the country had become difficult
Customer Success: Kensetsu


TeamViewer was introduced to improve the efficiency of support operations, and has increased the number of calls handled by the call center, including improving customer satisfaction. The short time it takes to establish a remote connection also speeds up the response time, and TeamViewer is now so widely used that support would not be possible without it.

Toshiyuki Uematsu Assistant Manager, Contact Center, Construction Systems Co

“Sharing drawings with TeamViewer allows us to provide precise support that cannot be communicated over the phone.”

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