JSOC, a security monitoring center that protects corporate information security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, quickly switched its security monitoring operations to telecommuting with the introduction of TeamViewer to prevent employees from contracting the new coronavirus and being quarantined at the center itself.


  • Realization of telecommuting without taking any information outside the company
  • Adoption of a method that does not involve a VPN
  • Ensuring the response speed of the system, as the response speed greatly affects work performance


We decided to realize telecommuting by remotely controlling the analysis terminal at the security operation center without taking the data out of the office. After comparing multiple tools, we decided to introduce TeamViewer, which can be operated stress-free from low-speed lines such as cell phone deservers and does not require a VPN.

TeamViewer's ability to prohibit data and file transfers from outside the company and its two-factor authentication met JSOC's high security standards.

Shintaro Kato Security Information Systems Department, JSOC, LAC Corporation

“The clipboard and file transfer functions prevent data from being taken out of the system, and the two-factor authentication system strengthens access restrictions, so we have sufficient security measures in place.”

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