TeamViewer Integration Partner:
Alleantia IIoT Edge Gateway
& TeleService 4.0

Remotely connect, program, and analyze your shop floor

Whether you call it Industry 4.0 or digitalization, today’s challenge for manufacturing is how to increase overall equipment efficiency while reducing production costs. For shop floors, this is not different at all: the digitalization of shop floors involves multiple components including OT/IT integration, data collection, data processing, and data analyzation.

TeamViewer and Alleantia have joined forces to enable industrial customers to transform their shop floors into smart factories, and machine makers to remotely monitor, control, and service their machines efficiently.

TeamViewer for Alleantia Solution Highlights

Remote CNC/PLC Programming

Get instant direct access to machine control systems for remote programming/control using their proprietary tools

Secure Remote Access

Access IoT Edge devices with end-to-end encrypted remote access from anywhere, anytime

IoT Cloud Integration

Stream, store, visualize, and analyze machine information in the IoT cloud, for comprehensive control and diagnostic capabilities

Plug and Play IT/OT Connectivity

Quickly connect any industrial device to any application, plug and play with zero coding, using Alleantia’s huge machine drivers library and creation tools

Faster and Better Service

Get automatic service requests from your machines with detailed real-time information in the cloud. Then, access and control any industrial device remotely and securely

Made to Integrate

15+ ready-to-use API and connectors for integrating any on-premise or in-cloud legacy customer application for scalable and expandable IIoT architecture

Integration Benefits

  • Reduce maintenance costs and minimize on-site visits with remote expert help for shop floor machines.
  • Improve processes and operations with the ability to connect to any shop floor machine from anywhere, any time.
  • Improve services and reaction times for machine operators with instant remote support and remote maintenance capabilities.
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