Custom Themes allow the user to customize the theme and appearance of the Frontline Command Center and the Frontline Workplace smartglasses app. Using these settings, it is possible to change the following configurations for all user types within the server:

  • Custom Logo: Logo image displayed on the Frontline Command Center sign-in page
  • Colour Scheme: Hexadecimal colour codes for the primary and secondary colours
  • Custom Text: Intro text displayed on the sign-in page for all Frontline users in your organization

The following screenshot shows an example of a custom-themed Frontline Command Center instance with a custom logo and a different colour scheme.

The following screenshot shows an example of a custom-themed xAssist call preview of a guest user:

The following screenshots shows the same custom theme applied to the Frontline Workplace login page. The colour of the selector in FWP is changed to the chosen Primary colour.

Note: Make sure that you do not choose black as a primary colour, as it would blend with the background and it will not be visible.

The following screenshot shows the custom theme applied after logging in with Frontline Workplace App for Smartphones: