Frontline Command Center

  • Added: Description for Monitoring and Device Management
  • Improved: User experience to add members in a Team
  • Improved: Search for Usernames and Display names are now case insensitive
  • Improved: Email address associated with a user is now case sensitive
  • Fixed: Issues where text in Custom Themes was not displayed correctly
  • Fixed: Issue where in certain cases Device Monitoring was not working properly

Frontline Creator

  • Fixed: Issue where options within Checklist component could not be deleted
  • Fixed: Issue where dragging and dropping a video made the page unresponsive
  • Fixed: Issue where deleting resources in advanced mode displayed multiple notifications
  • Fixed: Issue where return step from the Scan UI template was hidden
  • Fixed: Issue where in certain cases selecting Preview Workflow option after changing of debug devices did not open the workflow in Preview Mode on Frontline Workplace application


  • Improved: User experience for Call Management
  • Improved: Sign Detection feature can not be triggered if it is already activated by an expert
  • Fixed: Issue where incorrect sign was being detected for flame prohibition
  • Fixed: Issue where sign detection messages were not correctly translated in chat
  • Fixed: Issue where guest users were not able to toggle camera on web browser
  • Fixed: Issue where “Language” drop down in call settings was missing for guest users
  • Fixed: Issue where Web expert would receive multiple error notifications if their camera was not detected during a call

xInspect and xMake

  • Fixed: Issue where in certain cases assigning additional Users to a Task was not possible

Frontline Workplace for Smart Glasses

  • Fixed: Issue where connecting additional video device caused the application to crash
  • Fixed: Issue where network outage during an xAssist call in HMT-1 did not reconnect
  • Fixed: Issue where rejoining a conference call in HMT-1 muted the application

Frontline Workplace for Windows

  • Added: HoloLens 2 users can now send messages in chat
  • Added: HoloLens 2 users can now view documents in chat
  • Added: HoloLens-2 users can now see live pointers set by the Web Expert
  • Added: Users can now use the Device Monitoring feature
  • Fixed: Issue where the contact list was not shown
  • Fixed: Issue where the annotations were not cleared
  • Fixed: Issue where user could not take pictures during an xAssist call