Configuration and set up

Note: Make sure that the borescope camera is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as that of your smart glasses.

To connect the borescope camera with the right network:

  1. Press Brightness Controls for Flashlight, which are located on top of the device, until the LED colour is green.

Note: The blue LED colour means the device is in range and trying to find a connection. Therefore, wait until the LED colour is green.

2. After the successful connection, go to the Frontline Workplace App from your smart glasses.

3. Go to the sign-in screen Settings.

4. Select Connect with Inspectron Device.

5. Point the borescope camera to the Wi-Fi QR Code.

⇒  The borescope camera is connected and you are notified with a success message. The borescope icon will appear on the Home Page of your smart glasses.

Setting borescope as default

From now on, when the borescope camera is connected successfully, it will be the default camera for xAssist calls.

You can switch the flashlight on/off if the borescope camera has one.

You can take pictures with the borescope camera. Important to add, that since the aim of the device is to capture clear pictures in narrow parts and areas, make sure that the device is very close to the place you want to focus on.

For more information, please see Inspectron Tools.