Frontline Command Center

  • Added – Server Configuration to delete task and call logs after a certain period of time
  • Added – Server Configuration to limit the bit-rate during xAssist calls
  • Improved – Connection possible to hidden Wi-Fi networks
  • Fixed – Issue where Limited Access Users could not change their avatar

Frontline Creator

  • Added - UI Elements/Layout, Barcode Settings and Configurations can now be shared between multiple users
  • Improved - Expression Editor now supports decimal values


  • Added – Server Configuration to grant web expert ability to watch multiple video streams at the same time
  • Added – Guest users now have all in call functionalities
  • Improved – Limitation to select a certain amount of xAssist calls while creating a service report has been removed
  • Fixed – Issue where sometimes xAssist recording stopped upon taking snapshot or using whiteboard features
  • Fixed – Issue where Microsoft Defender was blocking service request link
  • Fixed – Issue where sometimes users are stuck in an ongoing call and cannot initiate a new call

xInspect & xMake & xPick

  • Fixed – Issue where sometimes exporting list of completed task as a pdf did not work

Frontline Workplace for Smart Glasses

  • Fixed: Issue where sometimes resuming or restarting a task caused the application to crash

Frontline Workplace for Android Smartphone

  • Added – External video input such as monitors can be connected with smartphone clients to share its video feed

Frontline Workplace for iOS

  • Fixed: Issue where Change Environment settings were not set properly upon opening the app through a deep link
  • Fixed: Issue where a snapshot taken by the web expert was being cropped for the iOS user

Frontline Workplace for Windows

  • Added: With this current release we have also published a Windows Client which supports Frontline 3.0