Having a backup file is one of the most important steps. It is a good idea to have a working backup in case something goes wrong. Therefore, database and Frontline Home back-ups are required before the update.

Database Back-Up

To back up the database:

  • Linux system users can use mysqldump.
  • Windows systems users can use SQLExport function. Here is an example in HeidiSql.

Frontline Home Backup

To have a backup for Frontline Home Directory, make a copy of the directory or put the directory in an archive to use less space.


Updates consist of replacing the frontline.jar file and checking if the application starts normally again.

It is recommended to always have a backup before making changes within the application.


To download the latest stable frontline.jar, refer to downloads.

Stop the service

Stop the service using Windows Service View and select Stop on Frontline Command Center Service.

Alternatively, the service can be stopped by using the following command:

net stop frontline

Clean-up Frontline Home

Cleaning up the Frontline Home directory will prevent unexpected behavior due to old files which will not be overwritten:

Administrators should delete the following directories in FRONTLINE_HOME/config:

  • cards
  • i18n
  • manuals
  • Themes
  • workflows

Configuration Folder

In the configuration directory, the following items should be deleted:

  • external-scanners
  • picking-validation
  • troubleshooter
  • workflow-editor
  • logging.xml and logging_service.xml

If the logging configuration for the installation has been modified, then logging.xml and logging_service.xml files should not be deleted.

Replace the file

Navigate to the old frontline.jar file and replace it with the one that has been just downloaded.

Start the service

Restart the service using the GUI or the command:

net start frontline

To see if the update was successful, check the logs file for the availability of the server by using a browser.

Clear Browser Cache

Clearing the browser cache after some time helps preventing login and certificate issues after the update.

Update Frontline Connector

For users using a custom-developed Frontline Connector (e.g. with a Database) these steps can be different.

To update the standard Frontline Connector:

  1. Stop the service: net stop frontlineconnector
  2. Backup the old xservice.jar: rename the xservice.jar file to something like xservice-old.jar
  3. Replace the xservice.jar
  4. Restart the service:net start frontlineconnector