Frontline Command Center

  • Improved: Error report API easily available to aid customer integrations through REST API
  • Improved: User can control the size of image uploaded for Custom Themes
  • Fixed: Issue where WMS password for a user was not saved
  • Fixed: Issue where at times icons did not load correctly
  • Fixed: Issue where deleted user was still visible in the user list
  • Fixed: Issue where WIFI codes generated via FCC were not functional


  • Added: Optical Character Recognition(OCR) to provide field technicians with the possibility to transfer important information as textual information to the expert
  • Improved: Exporting and Filtering of Call History
  • Fixed: Issue where sometimes call recording was missing from Call History
  • Fixed: Issue where the Sign Detection feature did not detect correct signs
  • Fixed: issue where email notifications were not being sent out for scheduled calls


  • Added: Gamification - It offers the end users to have a more engaging experience with their daily work – and an engaging work environment will foster higher productivity.
  • Added: Option to control "Text to Speech" playback speed

Frontline Creator

  • Fixed: Issue where images were not successfully uploaded in questionnaire component 
  • Fixed: Issue where audio was not functioning for "Text to Speech" component
  • Fixed: Issue where sometimes the user was unable to publish a workflow

Frontline Workplace for Smart Glasses

  • Fixed: Issue where WIFI codes generated via FCC were not functional
  • Fixed: Issue where at times application crashed on Android 10 
  • Fixed: Issue where Czech and French Voice Commands were not working

Frontline Workplace for Android Smart Phone

  • Fixed: Issue where app user was not able to share screen

Frontline Workplace for iOS

  • Fixed: Issue where expired calls were still being shown under schedule calls
  • Fixed: Issue where current call was dropped in case of a new call

Frontline Workplace for Windows

  • Added: xAssist window to have "Pin window"/"Follow me" option for Hololens
  • Fixed: Issue where clicking on "Share Call Link" was crashing the app
  • Fixed: Issue where the app was crashing during conference calls