Frontline Command Center

  • Added – Admin users are notified in advance if the license is about to expire
  • Added – Czech Language Support
  • Changed – If the license is expired or amount of free licenses in the license pool is negative only, admin users may login
  • Improved – Multiple UI/UX improvements
  • Improved – Logged in admin user can not attempt to delete themselves from User Management
  • Fixed – Issue where the call participants were disconnected and could not access Frontline Command Center
  • Fixed – Issue where the application logo under Application Management was not displayed correctly
  • Fixed – Issue where user may not be created without a phone number or email address

Frontline Creator

  • Fixed – Issue where a pdf could not be uploaded on File viewer component
  • Fixed – Issue where export of workflow with custom UI templates consisted of multiple navbar xml files
  • Fixed – Issue where pdf questionnaire report component displayed syntax error upon opening report builder
  • Fixed – Issue where imported data source component is not available in workflow
  • Fixed – Issue where imported data source workflow could not be saved
  • Fixed – Issue where the fields from first data source are applied after selecting revision of second data source
  • Fixed – Issue where transition is not set upon adding a step from component shortcut menu
  • Fixed – Issue where workflows containing functions cause cross-domain exceptions upon import if they were created in a different domain
  • Fixed – Issue where upon trying to add a step output from Data tab in Step property panel of a step without outgoing transitions gives wrong notification


  • Added – During a remote support session, the expert can now draw on a selected image in real-time for dynamic and contextual information exchange.
  • Added – New customizable snapshot notification for Expert
  • Added – Sent warning signal can now be viewed under protocol for Service Report
  • Changed – Chat input field can not be manually resized
  • Improved – Media from chat messages can be easily opened on whiteboard by hovering on top of image or pdf and selecting whiteboard icon
  • Improved – Whiteboard's performance massively
  • Fixed – Issue where the conference call was still listed under ongoing call tile of xAssist dashboard after all participants hung up
  • Fixed – Issue where a user may drop out of an ongoing call upon being called by another user
  • Fixed – Issue where on a conference call switching microphone status may affect your camera status
  • Fixed – Issue where stream is frozen if an unlicensed expert stops screen sharing
  • Fixed – Issue where call timer jumps to two hours after sixty minutes
  • Fixed – Issue where chat input field could be manually resized

xInspect & xMake & xPick

  • Improved – Pdf report for tasks that collected large amount of images while execution
  • Fixed – Issue where executed tasks were not correctly linked to a solution

Frontline Workplace for Smart Glasses

  • Added – Ability to run application with mobile data
  • Fixed – Issue where remote stream of Android Smart glass froze while switching to iOS stream
  • Fixed – Issue where expert screen starts to flicker between two video contents upon setting the Smart glass users as an expert
  • Fixed – Issue where the user views black screen and was not able to rejoin the call