xInspect and xMake share nearly identical features and are documented together. xInspect has the green themed color while xMake has yellow.

Workflow Approval feature is disabled by default and can be enabled by changing Preferences


Workflow Approval allows users to control which version of the workflow is available. After creating a new workflow or a different version of it, users need to approve the workflow to be able to use it to create a task.

To access that:

  1. Click on xInspect / xMake in the navigation menu on the left of the FCC dashboard.
  2. Open the Workflow Approval tab.
3. Find the workflow you want to edit from the list by scrolling or by using the search bar.
4. Click on Approve under the Action section.
Note: If you want to change the version of the already approved one, click on Edit.
5. Select the version you wish to approve from the dropdown.


6. Click on Approve.

7. To confirm the change, provide the reason for the change by entering a message.

8. Click on Send.