Frontline Command Center

  • Added – Configuration of media purge functionality on user level
  • Added – Assign custom roles to users for solution tier deployments
  • Added – Generate multiple login cards as an admin
  • Added – Additional endpoint to lower the migration boundaries
  • Improved – Logic of Service Request to be valid until a successful call-attempt
  • Improved – Filtering in the Teams section
  • Improved – Performance of contact list loading
  • Improved – Content of Reset roles notification
  • Fixed – Issue which prevented the user from exporting system information

Frontline Creator

  • Added – Auto scrolling in workflow flowcharts for component dragging
  • Improved – Usability by unifying the UI of different elements
  • Improved – Expression editor UI
  • Improved – Identification of imported components
  • Improved – UI templates and component tool tips
  • Improved – Usability of the “Choose File” button
  • Improved – Dashboard statistics loading
  • Fixed – Issue which caused multiple notifications if a step/component was configured in the wrong way
  • Fixed – Issue where dragging a component beneath the drop zone could hide the file menu bar
  • Fixed – Issue which causes missing embedded resources in component export
  • Fixed – Issue which causes the “get” buttons to depend on permissions
  • Fixed – Issue where the audio and speech configuration were swapped in the documentation component


  • Added – Mediasoup support
  • Added – “Stats for nerds” for an xAssist call
  • Added – Safari web browser support
  • Changed – Possibility to join service requests multiple times within 24h
  • Improved – Wording for the selection of service request recipients
  • Improved – Usability for ad-hoc invite joining in regard of mandatory name entering
  • Improved – Service Report description length is increased to 5000 characters
  • Improved – Select action usability in the whiteboard of webapp
  • Improved – Invite participant usability due to enrichment of the tooltip
  • Improved – Arrangement of in-call menu icons
  • Fixed – Issue where the auto-translation option was not suggested within the chat
  • Fixed – Issue where the quick access snapshot button does not verify the availability of an option
  • Fixed – Issue where ongoing calls were shown with invalid dates in the call log

xInspect & xMake & xPick

  • Improved – Differentiation between “no templates” and “no workflows”
  • Fixed – Issue where newly added tasks were attached on the bottom of the list instead of the top
  • Fixed – Issue which prevented the user from being able to see the Frontline Connector
  • Fixed – Issue with the xAssist component in a workflow

Frontline Workplace for Smart Glasses

  • Added – Borescope support for HMT-1
  • Improved – Chat message notification duration
  • Improved – Notification if a user is the only one in a call
  • Fixed – Issue which caused a black stream by leaving and rejoining the app
  • Fixed – Issue where Vuzix M400 was not pairable with a ProGlove Mark 2