Frontline Command Center  

  • Added: Users with Admin roles are now able to configure their domain by Preferences and activate them instantly
  • Improved: Error report generated by Frontline Connector now displays the username 
  • Fixed: Issue where at times importing a license did not appear on the Web UI
  • Fixed: Issue where idle detection was not synced across all tabs and the user logged out abruptly if one of the open tabs for Frontline was inactive 
  • Fixed: Issue where the license tier did not change when the domain for a multi-domain server was changed 
  • Fixed: Issue where tasks could be set for a past date and time 
  • Fixed: Issue where error report status did not refresh after being updated
  • Fixed: Issue where empty device list could be exported in Device Management  
  • Fixed: Issue where exported PDFs generated from Service Report with the status Done, displayed as red instead of green  
  • Fixed: Issue where shared whiteboard was not shown to call members using Grid view  


  • Added: In-Call Settings menu is now available for mobile browsers  
  • Added: Ability to choose a transparent or solid background for Debug UI to ensure privacy 
  • Improved: Service Report status Done will now be in green, instead of red 
  • Improved: Remote Expert’s status is now displayed as Busy when they deny a call while they are on another call   
  • Improved: User experience for snapshot preview notifications in Advance Call Settings 
  • Fixed: Issue where deleted images were shown on the chat
  • Fixed: Issue where service reports with duplicate titles could not be exported
  • Fixed: Issue where the leave call button was displayed in green 
  • Fixed: Issue where deleted image captions were displayed in chat
  • Fixed: Issue where the users could plan a call for a past date
  • Fixed: Issue where Call management feature did not work correctly on some server instances 
  • Fixed: Issue where users could not join an ongoing call via the application after initially rejecting the call 
  • Fixed: Issue where participant names with Japanese characters were not displayed correctly during an ongoing call
  • Upcoming: The term Node will be renamed to Group in Call Management
  • Upcoming: Noise cancellation feature can be toggled on Realwear NAV-500 devices during an ongoing call
  • Upcoming: Teams can be added to call groups in Call Management in the same way users are added


  • Improved: Time tracking for the complete picking process including preparation, post-processing, and interruptions is now possible within the generic workflow 
  • Improved: Actual picked amount column is now included in the results excel sheet  

xMake / xInspect  

  • Fixed: Issue where Tag name character limit was unlimited 

Frontline Creator  

  • Fixed: Issue where Text-to-Speech missed audio for RealWear HMT-1 firmware 12  
  • Fixed: Issue where codes containing backslash in regex pattern could not be scanned through barcode component

 Frontline Workplace for SmartGlasses  

  • Added: Frontline Workplace now supports Moziware
  • Added: Speech-to-Text support in Korean language
  • Fixed: Issue where special characters in Portuguese were not displayed correctly 
  • Fixed: Issue where AR Markers could not be removed when too many features were enabled 
  • Fixed: Issue where the Menu was sometimes not displayed for users after logging in 
  • Fixed: Issue where Semaphore recovery did not restore commands added through voice commands 
  • Fixed: Issue where speed settings for Text-to-Speech were not applied to RealWear navigation 
  • Fixed: Issue where Discovery Mini RFID Reader did not send the captured tags

Frontline Workplace for Android SmartPhone  

  • Fixed: Issue where an Ongoing Call was displayed as an Incoming Call 
  • Fixed: Issue where output audio becomes too low during calls

Frontline Workplace for iOS  

  •  Fixed: Issue where users were unable to join calls via Text Message invitation links

Frontline Spatial 

  • Fixed: Issue where the scrollbar on Editor could not be clicked in some cases
  • Fixed: Issue where HoloLens ( could not be paired for direct upload
  • Fixed: Issue where Live Editor Workflow displayed the status Not Started instead of the version number and created date
  • Fixed: Issue where our Third Party Copyright and DPA pages were not displayed publicly
  • Fixed: Issue where navigating using Back and Next exits 3D model view
  • Fixed: Issue where going offline sometimes caused instability in the Frontline application, making downloaded templates unusable
  • Fixed: Issue where EULA and DPA links were not unified in all applications

Frontline Windows 

  • Fixed: Issue where joining a conference with a remote expert displays a black screen
  • Fixed: Issue where at times the stream and name of remote expert were not displayed
  • Fixed: Issue where notifications were not sent for shared media in the chat
  • Fixed: Issue where images drawn on whiteboard had a delay before appearing on the live call screen