Getting Started

Before you get started with installations, make sure you know your device by checking out the "device power", "battery use", and "device registration" for the Vuzix M400 and M4000.


The Vuzix M400/4000 is operated mostly hands-free using voice commands and can be activated by “Hello Vuzix” when properly configured. The M400 will listen for voice commands for 15 seconds by default. However, it does have touchpad buttons navigation on the side for SELECT, RETURN, and FORWARD, while the 2-axis pad responds to up/ down or back-to-front finger swipes and tap to select.

To activate voice control, open the Settings menu and navigate to System -> Language and input -> Speech Commands. Enable the toggle for Enable Vuzix speech command recognition. You can view a full list of voice control commands from that same settings menu.

Install and get started with Vuzix View

Vuzix view lets you install Frontline Workplace on your Vuzix M400/M400. To get started with Vuzix view on your desktop follow the steps below: 

  1. Download and install Vuzix View on your computer.
  2. Open the Vuzix view application and connect the Vuzix M400/M4000 to your computer with a USB Type C cable.
  3. Select the View button to view your Vuzix M400/M4000 screen.

Note: If the Vuzix M400/M4000 screen can not be viewed, enable the USB debugging of the device. Learn how to Enable developer tools and Android USB debugging on your Vuzix M400/M4000.

Install Frontline Workplace

1. Download the latest Frontline Workplace smart glasses application.

2. Unzip the bundle. Here you will find the Frontline Workplace APK needed for installation.

Note: You might have to download and install 7-zip to enable unzipping the Frontline Workplace application bundle before you can access the APK file for installation.

3. Drag and drop the frontline-smartglasses-<version>.apk file directly onto the field area of the Vuzix view application.

⇒   After a few installation processes, the Frontline Workplace application will now be visible in the device's list of applications.

4. Enable the Allow from this source toggle and all other permission pop-ups that appear in the Frontline Workplace application. This will prompt you to the Start Setup screen.

Note: To continue with the setup, connect to Wi-Fi and configure the Frontline Workplace to your server.

Learn how to Sign in to the Frontline Workplace application to access the tools and features of smart glasses.