Device Management allows users to manage and monitor devices. This page displays the list of all available devices.

To export the device list as a spreadsheet, click on Export Device List under the page title.

Click on Refresh to check your connections' status.

User interface

  1. Device Name: Device type represented by an icon (smartglasses, smartphone, tablet, etc.), also indicates if the device is online or offline
  2. Device Address: IP or MAC address of the registered devices
  3. Application Version: Installed Frontline Workplace app version
  4. Most Recent User: Display the name of the most recent user who accessed the device
  5. Search field: Based on the most recent user, device name, device address, or application version

Device information

Double-clicking a device in the list displays detailed information about the device.

  1. Edit Device: Allows you to configure the device name and Bluetooth MAC address. It also displays the device info including details such as created on, last changed, changed by, firmware, vendor version, IP address, and application version.
  2. Reset: You can initiate the reset process by scanning the displayed QR code.
  3. Provisioning: Allows you to develop the application version to be provisioned on this device.

Device Monitoring

Frontline Command Center provides users with the possibility of monitoring the connected devices. Device monitoring information can also be viewed in the application's xInspect, xMake, and xPick solution sections.