Frontline Command Center 

  • Improved: Portuguese (Brazil) language support
  • Improved: User Experience to create a new user 
  • Fixed: Issue where after deleting a custom role it did not disappear instantly
  • Removed: Support for Koamtac KDC 1D, Koamtac KDC 2D, PanMobil, Voxter, Socket Mobile 1D scanners


  • Added: Noise cancellation feature can be turned on for RealWear NAV-500 during an ongoing call
  • Improved: The term Node is now renamed to Group in Call Management
  • Improved: Teams can be added to call groups in Call Management in the same way users are added
  • Fixed: Issue where the mobile browser user could not use the pointer in Live mode
  • Fixed: Issue where the Remote Expert could not toggle the flashlight of the mobile browser user
  • Fixed: Issue where at times Web Expert could not leave the conference call with another Web Expert
  • Fixed: Issue where call details did not show the shared media
  • Fixed: Issue where thumbnails of media under the File tab did not load
  • Fixed: Issue where pdf files shared in the chat, were named as untitled
  • Fixed: Issue where an incoming call notification for the Web Expert disappeared upon clicking on the notification instead of Accept or Reject button
  • Fixed: Issue where the undo button in the whiteboard is grayed out while there are changes that can be reverted
  • Fixed: Issue where the user landed on the dashboard upon scrolling down the chat
  • Upcoming: Resend Invitation to notify invited call participants during an ongoing call 

xMake / xInspect 

  • Upcoming: Improved User Experience for Templates overview
  • Upcoming: Task Templates can be filtered by tags 
  • Upcoming: Improved User Experience for Edit Task

Frontline Workplace for Smart Glasses 

  • Added: Text-to-Speech support for Rokid Glass
  • Fixed: Issue where sometimes voice commands did not work on Vuzix devices
  • Fixed: Issue where Moziware Cimo sometimes displayed Camera Errors while executing the workflow

Frontline Workplace for Android SmartPhone

  • Fixed: Issue where accessing Call History crashed the application
  • Fixed: Issue where accessing the Menu at times crashed the application for Arabic language users
  • Upcoming: Users will be able to use the improved AR Marker feature during calls

Frontline Workplace for iOS

  • Fixed: Issue where the Join Call by Text Message through the application did not work for iPhone 12 and 13 users
  • Upcoming: Users will be able to use the improved AR Marker feature during calls

Frontline Spatial

  • Fixed: Issue where users could not log out from the Settings menu
  • Fixed: Issue where the Planned date was not formatted properly in Task Info`

Frontline Windows

  • Fixed: Issue where first time logged in users received an unwanted confirmation dialog