In Frontline Creator, creating and customizing a workflow is simple and intuitive. Follow along with the instructions below to create a simple workflow.

Drag and drop Step templates

Add Steps to your workflow by dragging them from the Step Panel and dropping them on the workflow flowchart.

Adding transitions

Add a transition between Steps by hovering over a source step and dragging one of the black dots that appear on its edges to draw out a line to the target step.

Defining transitions

Click on the question mark on a transition and select a button to define a transition.

Adding information to Steps

Select a Step, go to Step Preview on the right bottom of the screen, and then start adding the textual information.

Uploading media to the Media Library

Select the media library icon on the Step Panel and add images by selecting the plus button. 

Selecting media for a Step

Select a Step and go to step preview, then select the image icon to upload media image files.

Renaming a Step

Select a Step and hover on the pen icon to start editing the Step name.

Saving a workflow

Click on the Save icon on the Menu Bar to quickly save the workflow.

Publishing a workflow

Click on the workflow flow chat to view the workflow configuration panel and select Publish.