For tasks that are assigned and completed by the user, it is possible to create and export PDF documents with the task details.

Reporting will be possible when the End Step is clicked. There will be two options; PDF Report or PDF Questionnaire Report. 

PDF Report

The PDF Report generates a detailed report after the completion of a workflow. It gives a detailed step-by-step insight into the completed task. It also displays the recorded media within the PDF document along with an overview, comments, and details related to each component of the workflow.

PDF Questionnaire Report

The PDF Questionnaire Report generates detailed information on answers chosen during the Questionnaire component used, along with an overview and a summary.

Report Builder

Report Builder is a tool that allows users to edit and customize the PDF Questionnaire Report and the PDF Report to be generated. After choosing one of them, click on Open Report Builder.

On the Report Builder tool, after configuring information, written text, and design elements on the coding side; the file can be downloaded to your device. Changes made on the coding screen will be viewed on the preview screen simultaneously.