You can refresh your memory about Frontline Creator.

The major advantage of having a trained AiStudio model, is that you can use it as a component within your workflows. The component can be configured according to your specifications.

Link a model to a component

To link a modal to a component:

1. Publish your model. (Follow the steps described in the Training guide.)

2. Go to FCC -> Configuration -> AiStudio Overview.

3. Select the project, whose training you want to use.

4. Click on Add model to FCC. This makes the published model of this project available in Frontline Creator.

5. Open the desired workflow or create a new workflow where you want to add the AI component.

6. You can see the AI Components under the component tab on the left as shown in the picture below.

7. Assign the chosen component to the model.

8. Click on the component.

9. Under Configuration on the right, choose the Training Model which you would like to use.

Note: Please remember this is different from the project name as the same project can have different training models

10. Click on Publish.

11. Create a New Task.

12. Assign the task to a user for them to execute it.

⇒ For more information, please see Task essentials section of Frontline Workplace App for Smartglass.