A typical TeamViewer Frontline configuration distinguishes between three main components:

  • Frontline Command Center
  • Frontline Workplace
  • Frontline Connector

Frontline Command Center

The TeamViewer Frontline Command Center is the heart of the solution. This is the place where the customer manages the devices and users, creates workflows, and has an overview of the tasks that were completed. It is the center of communication between the different components. It has its own database and communicates with the other components via HTTP/HTTPS. The Frontline Command Center is accessible through the web browser.

Frontline Creator

The Frontline Creator is part of the Frontline Command Center and is the tool to define workflows. Those workflows describe a flow of steps that the user will interact with in the Frontline Workplace. Workflows get executed on the device by being assigned to a user as a workflow task.

Task management

Supervisors are able to assign tasks to specific users or groups of users. There is also a differentiation between reoccurring and singular tasks. Each task contains one workflow that was created in Frontline Creator.

The supervisor is able to see the status of the task and tasks can be configured to create a PDF report after they were executed.

User management

The Frontline Command Center allows complex user management including different roles for users and safely storing passwords for a customer backend system. Frontline Command Center also offers Active Directory integration to make the integration in a corporate IT infrastructure as easy as possible.

Auditing and monitoring

The Frontline Command Center offers a wide range of auditing and monitoring tools. Changes to critical data objects are logged in separate audit tables (time, user, changes). All other application events from all HMD and the application server are logged and archived for the configured time period.

Frontline Workplace

Frontline Workplace is our software that runs on Smart Glasses or other mobile devices like Tablet PCs. It allows the user to execute the Workflows that were defined in the Frontline Creator and to use xAssist.

Frontline Connector

Note: This Component is not part of every installation. It might be required to integrate the customer's backend.

Many scenarios require the integration of existing backend systems. These can for example be warehouse management systems, SAP, or Microsoft Dynamics. We provide microservices (Frontline Connectors) that act as a mediator between existing systems and our wearable computing platform. The following images give an overview of the role of the Frontline Connector.

The Frontline Connector establishes a two-way https/rest connection for reliable data exchange.