For more information, please see the requirements section.

Access to Frontline Command Center and Downloads

Note: You need to have the desired access and permissions to access Spatial Editor.

  1. Login to your Frontline Command Center (FCC) account.
  2. Click on Spatial Editor under Platform Tools in the navigation panel on the left.
  3. Go to the Downloads tab.
  4. Click on Download Spatial Editor for Windows.
  5. Install the software by following the instructions and then opening it.
  6. Enter your company URL and domain.
  7. Click on Sign In With Browser.

Note: When installing Spatial without administrator rights, an error message may come up regarding the inability to create a desktop icon. This message can be ignored without loss of the installation of the software.

For more information, please see the login section.

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Frontline Spatial | Installation of Spatial Editor