Please get in touch with us via our Customer Support or ask your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.

Request message structure

The support request should contain a short description providing a brief overview as well as a detailed description.

  • Short description: Say in a few words what the issue is generally about.
  • Description: More detailed information about the issue.
    • What exactly was happening?
    • Which user was signed in?
    • Which device was used? Please provide the serial number, MAC address and device ID if possible.
    • When did the issue happen?
    • Any output provided by the application? Error messages?
    • How can it be reproduced? Please provide step-by-step instructions if possible.

General hints

The following general hints can be helpful for the support request.

  • Show-stoppers: Please inform us if the issue prevents you from continuing to work. We know that you need the software to get your work done and we will do everything to correct the issue as quickly as possible.
  • Be specific: Use the same words as the application. If you see something, write it the same way it was displayed. If you click on something, please provide the exact label on the button.
  • What was happening before: An error usually occurs due to a combination of different events. To reproduce the error, we need to reproduce the entire process that caused the error. For this reason, it is essential that you describe what you did before the error occurred, and how the application responded.
  • Report the first error you see: If errors continue to occur, you quickly get used to and ignore them. Then, if another error occurs, this may be reported as the "first" error. However, it is not correct in this case and may lead to an incorrect diagnosis. We need to know if there are other issues with the software, even if they are apparently unrelated to the issue at hand.
  • More is better: The more info you provide the less time we will need to find a solution.