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New: Active Ransomware Protection in ITbrain Anti-Malware

WannaCry, NotPetya, Locky, Badrabbit – just four of many infamous ransomware attacks in 2017 that have affected public institutions and businesses around the globe. Over the past years, there has been a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks. Falling victim to such an attack can be very time consuming, costly, and all-around damaging for your business.

Making sure to be protected against ransomware is a no brainer. With ITbrain Anti-Malware you were already protected against known variants of ransomware. Now, with our new active ransomware protection, we have added another layer of security that will also protect you against any unknown ransomware variants.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software often used by cyber-criminals to encrypt files on a device. It can limit or even prevent users from accessing their files until a certain ransom is paid. And even though paying the ransom should result in the user receiving the decryption key, it’s not guaranteed to actually happen – after all, cyber criminals haven’t proven themselves to be the most trustworthy kind of people.

Victims are usually notified that files have been encrypted, and are given instructions on how to obtain the decryption key. Payment is often demanded in a virtual currency, such as bitcoin, to hide the cyber criminal’s identity and make them untraceable. Money, and quite likely the data, will be gone for good.

How does ITbrain Anti-Malware protect against ransomware?

Active ransomware protection makes sure that only applications that fit certain criteria can modify data in your safe areas. Safe areas are protected folders that you can set in the ITbrain Anti-Malware policy. Any data in that safe area will be protected against unwanted modification such as encryption, deletion, etc.

How do I activate the ITbrain Anti-Malware ransomware protection?

  1. In your ITbrain dashboard, head over to the ITbrain Anti-Malware tab, select “Manage Policies” and then edit your desired policy.
  2. Activate “Active ransomware protection”, and afterwards set up your “Protected folders”.
    (Add the folders you want to be secured against ransomware attacks to your protected folders list. Please make sure to at least add one folder to your protected folders list).
  3. Please make sure to check your other ITbrain Anti-Malware policies, too!

Please note: Only trusted software will be allowed to modify data in your protected folders. All unknown software will be blocked; however, you can always set an application as trusted by adding it to the “Trusted applications” list.

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